Don’t take our word for it……..
Our patients depend on us to provide comfortable, caring and exceptional service.
We strive to meet and exceed their high standards. Here is what they say about their treatment at our office.

“I truly wanted to express my gratitude to Dr. Daftary and her entire team. As a new patient I experienced the type of customer service and friendly environment that I wish anyone in any industry is lucky enough to experience at least once in a lifetime. Prestonwood Dental is the most professional dental office that I have ever experienced period. Thank you for being so accommodating in a short period of time. Thank you for taking the time to explain all of my options and allowing me the opportunity to determine a financial plan that works with my budget. Your attention to detail and providing all the potential options were very much appreciated. I very much look forward to working with you and your team for years to come!!!”

Luis M. Bank Officer

“My husband and I love Prestonwood Dental. I already wrote a review for Dr. Daftary, and realized I should write one for her practice as well, because she and her entire team are brilliant. They really know how to make you feel at ease, especially if you are fearful of dentists. The fear will wash away. From the moment I arrive to the moment I leave with half my face numbed, I feel totally at ease, and actually look forward to my next visit. Everyone at Prestonwood Dental is so nice, friendly, and welcoming, you can’t help but relax.”

Amy P.

Dr. Daftary,
“I was very pleased to find such nice, considerate staff members. Everyone, including you, made me feel relaxed, relieved, and informed about dental work I needed. Furthermore, you have a beautiful office and top quality people to staff it. You are to be complimented for assembling such a professional place for a patient to feel comfortable.”

Ken S., Entrepreneur

To All at Prestonwood Dental,
“I wanted to thank all of you for helping me with that root canal this morning and taking care of me so quickly. For such an involved procedure, Dr. Daftary did a fantastic job observing my pain level and I felt very comfortable with her, Sarah and Nazzie. I did not even think to ask for pain killers but, whoa, I’m glad Dr. Daftary gave me that prescription. I just woke up and am feeling better all ready. Thank you all and I will see you next week for the final “assembly!”

Paul F., via email

Dr. Daftary,
“I just wanted to express to you what a joy it is to be a patient at Prestonwood Dental. Many people I know dread going to the dentist. I, on the other hand, look forward to my visits to your office. Your staff is very well educated and unlike the staff at most offices, they are also a lot of fun. Most importantly, Dr. Daftary, your work has achieved a level of excellence that in my opinion surpasses others in your field. Finally, I believe that concern for the patient is a crucial element in any successful practice. This is the area in which you have proven to be without peer. You are always so kind and are always willing to take the time to answer any questions I might have. And, in the event of an emergency, you have proven yourself to be only a phone call away. That gives me a peace of mind that is priceless. Thank you.”

Vern C. Administrator

“Ever since childhood, I had a terrible fear of dentists and did not keep up with my visits. I visited Dr. Daftary after getting strong referrals and reassurance from a friend. During my first visit, I was convinced that I had made the right choice. Dr. Daftary was great to talk to and listened to all my concerns about dental anxiety. She explained to me the treatment with care and compassion. Her staff is prompt & courteous and committed to providing excellent dental care. I would recommend Dr. Daftary to all my friends.”


Martha N, Home-maker

“Thank you Dr. Daftary, now I can smile without being self-conscious for the first time in my life.”

Patrick B., Restaurant Manager

“Many of my colleagues at work insisted I see Dr. Daftary. And I am glad I did!”

Sunil A., Telecom Engineer

“I am thrilled with how my teeth look. I don’t know why I waited for so long. Thank you Dr. Daftary for educating me about my oral health.”

Kevin K., Marketing Rep., Telecom Company

“I am so glad my daughter looks forward to visiting Dr. Daftary’s office.”

Shirley B., Soccer Mom

“Thank you Dr. Daftary, now, I find myself smiling at everyone I meet.”

Nagi R., IT Professional

“I used to procrastinate whenever the time came for my routine dental checkup. But since I started going to Prestonwood Dental, I have never missed an appointment. Doctor and her employees are friendly and courteous.”

Peter J., Attorney

“I am not a very easily pleased person, especially when it comes to my health. I have been to a few dentists, and they all wanted to crown my teeth or sell me something I didn’t need. Then I met Dr. Daftary, who is very conservative in her treatment diagnosis. She will propose what is best for my mouth and in the most affordable manner. Her work was the best. I am very happy to have found her and recommend her to my friends”

Nourie V. RN

Dr. Daftary,
“Thank you very much for seeing me today, even on a holiday. It means lot to me that you are truly a caring dentist. This is what makes people like me want to drive a distance to receive the best possible care. I will see you in few days with my family”

Cara D. AMR Employee

Dr. Daftary,
“Congratulations on a beautiful office. It is VERY TASTEFULLY designed. As usual, we are happy to have you as our Family Dentist for the past few years”

Norm P. CPA, MBA