Laser Dentistry

Dr. Daftary uses Lasers, a sophisticated innovative technology, to perform certain dental treatment with more accuracy. Laser procedures are less invasive, more precise, with minimal to no pain or post treatment discomfort. Lasers have been safely used for over 20 years to perform various dental procedures.

Here are a few of the common procedures performed by Dallas Laser dentist, Dr. Shweta Daftary:

Reshaping Gummy smile:

If you feel that you are hiding your smile due to ‘too much gums’ showing off, let Dr. Daftary perform laser gum reshaping to remove the excess gum tissues surrounding your teeth. Achieve esthetically pleasing results with this quick & painless laser procedure by Dr. Daftary.

Gum disease treatment:

Research shows that an estimated two out of three Americans have some form of Gum disease. Gum disease has a direct link to increase risk of heart attack, stroke or other health related issues.

Dr. Daftary uses dental laser as a non-surgical approach in treating gum disease by killing bacteria and removing the diseased tissue with little or no discomfort. Ask Laser certified dentist, Dr. Daftary how lasers can help your gums stay at an optimum healthy condition.

Easing tongue & lip attachments:

Tongue tie is a very common condition, yet severely under diagnosed, leaving the patient with different levels of speech problems. At other instances, the lip is attached too close to the gums of the upper or lower front teeth leaving a big space between the two front teeth. With a Laser, Dr. Daftary can perform a gentle, pain-free procedure to remove these unwanted tissue attachments, creating a huge impact on the patient’s self-esteem.

Cold sores & canker sores:

Most of us have been through at least a few episodes of discomfort from a cold or canker sores. However, the next time you feel a cold sore developing, let Dr. Daftary use the laser treatment and within seconds, the sores are desensitized before they can cause you more pain.